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Dealer: Name:
Date Required: Sex:
Height: Weight:
Custom Fit Stock Size: (See Chart)
Fit: Loose Snug  
Wrist Seals: Tuck Push Through Latex
Neck Seals: Neoprene Latex  
Kneepads: Kevlar Rubber Oversized
Options: Bellows Convenience Zipper Convenience Zipper Flap
  Knife Pocket Rod Pocket  
Boots: Regular H.D.  
Valves: Apeks SiTech  
Suit Type: Sport LT Sport Explorer
  Pro Tech Atlantis
  Pro Kevlar Pro Kevlar TX Tech Kevlar
Colour: Specify for: Sport, Explorer, Pro, Tech, Atlantis
Payment by: Mastercard VISA COD
Around Forehead at widest A
Around Neck at smallest B
Around Armpit and Shoulder C
Around Bicep at widest D
Around Elbow at Bone E
Around Forearm at widest F
Around Wrist above bone G
Length from Armpit to Wrist H
Length from centre Chest to Wrist I
Shoulder width from bone to bone J
Around Chest at widest K
Around 1/2 way from Chest to Waist L
Around Waist at smallest M
Around Hips at bone N
Around Buttocks at widest O
Length from front of Neck to Crotch inseam P
Length around body from front of Neck to back of Neck Q
Length from Waist to Crotch R
Around Thigh at Crotch S
Around Thigh 1/2 way to Knee T
Around Knee below Knee Cap U
Around Calf at widest V
Around Ankle one inch above bone W
Length from Crotch to Ankle X
Length from Crotch to Floor Y
Length from Knee to Ankle Z
Length from Shoulder Bone to Wrist Bone ii
Shoe size iii
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